Cloud Search Email Upload Method

  1. Create an email.
  2. Set the recipient to the Monster provided e-mail for your user and resume board combination. It will be formatted like this - TO:
  3. Set the subject as you wish. It will be used in the response email.
  4. Add the resume per the following restrictions
    1. The following file types of resumes can be emailed: DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF, Zip file
    2. Zip file can be up to 10 MB with a maximum of 20 resumes within the zip file.
    3. Zip files cannot contain embedded zip files.
    4. Each resume can be up to 512 KB.
    5. Each resume must contain a first name, last name and unique email address in order to upload successfully.
    6. Maximum number of resumes per email is 20.
    7. If there's no attachment in the email, one resume should be contained in the body as text or html.
    8. PDFs cannot be scanned images.
    9. HTML is only supported within the body of an email; it is not supported as an attachment.
    10. The maximum number of resumes that can be uploaded in 24 hours is 5,000.
  5. Send the email.

  6. Status summary of processed Documents
    Total Received
    Status Details of each Document
    XML Create Status
    Status Details
    Invalid resume Large Resume.pdf (type
    application/pdf), it exceeds 512KB.
    XML Create Status
    Status Details
    document uploaded ok

  7. After processing, a results email will be created and sent back to the email address set on the user account. That is not necessarily the email address from which the email was sent.
    • If an xml file is not able to be created from the email sent, an error message will be sent.
    • If an xml file was able to be created from the email sent, then a status update will be sent with information as shown below.