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Real Time Posting

Getting Started

With Real Time Posting (RTP), job ads can be published, edited and deleted via Monster's Business Gateway (BGW) in near real time.

Here is an overview of the steps for implementing your RTP integration:

  1. Decide which Job Posting Features to utilize.  We recommend taking advantage of Monster's Easy Apply in conjunction with RTP to achieve the best candidate response.
  2. Create the XML job posting.  Samples and a demo job board for testing are provided with Monster's web services toolkit.
  3. Validate and post your job XML using the toolkit.
  4. Test posting a job from your application.
  5. If using Monster Apply, apply to a test job and confirm receipt of candidate information.


 Jobs posted to Monster can be enabled to take advantage of Monster's Easy Apply delivery capability.

 Find out how.

Job Posting Features

Monster jobs include enhancement features to help an employer's job stand out from others, and/or target the best candidates.  Highlights of key features that will differentiate your integration and offer value to employers include: 

Supported Boards Clients can post to the following boards based on their available purchased inventory and their desired distribution and targeting.

  • Monster Board - Jobs posted to Monster's core job sites and our mobile app.
  • Career Ad Network Direct - Syndicates jobs to a network of thousands of sites, targeted to attract the right seekers. When job seekers click on the ad, they'll learn more about the job and apply online. Learn more
  • Diversity Board - Distributes jobs to Monster's exclusive network of sites targeting diverse candidates. Learn more
  • Veterans - Find and hire the best military talent with the largest military-focused destination site and network. Learn more
Inventory Types / Add-On Inventory Clients may add additional job visibility in job search results.  
  • Refresh - Moves the posting to the top after a pre-determined interval with manual updates.
  • Auto-Refresh - Moves the posting to the top automatically after a pre-determined interval.


Use the job inventory query to get a snapshot of available inventory for a user. Learn more 

Sample XML Request

BGW requests must be sent in the form of SOAP envelopes, which is composed of a header and a body. Each request can include a maximum of a single job and must follow the schema for the Monster Job Postings. SOAP messages are sent to

  • The full Monster Job Schema can be found here.

Job Duration
The job duration defines how many days an ad will run. When added, it controls the desired duration to attempt to post the job with. Jobs will require inventory with the appropriate duration or else the job will fail to post.

The most commonly purchased job solutions contain 30 or 60 day job ads.


Job Posting Inventory

Decrements to Job Posting Inventory

  • Job Posting Inventory is decremented based on the number of Job Postings within a submission. A Job Posting consists of a single location. If multiple locations are added, the job inventory will be decremented based on the number of locations requested.
  • For new jobs, each Job Posting within the Job will cause the inventory to be decremented.
  • For updated jobs, each new/additional Job Posting will cause the inventory to be decremented.
  • Modification to the location of the job outside of the current Country it is posted to will cause the inventory to be decremented.
  • The Job Reference Code is a unique job identifier. Any modifications to the jobRefCode field will be interpreted as the creation of a new job and all Job Posting within that Job will decrement the job posting package. However – the original job will not be expired automatically.

This is the location (region or part of it, down to the postal code level) under which the job will be searchable on Monster sites. This will restrict the website on which it will be searchable. Example locations: London East, London North West, etc... full available location can be found here: Monster Locations
Job Board
The job board is a container in which your jobs will fall into. It is specified in the BoardName element.

Social Ads on Twitter
When added, creates a targeted Job Ad campaign on Twitter appearing in a Twitter user’s timeline.

In the job XML
      <SocialAdTwitter desired="true"/> 


The DisplayTemplate defines which job template is used to used to format the posting ad. Id value of 1 is for the standard job posting template offered by Monster. Other Id values are for customized job posting templates.

Job Refresh
When added, refresh provides the ability to do a manual, "one time" refresh on an active job posting. Inventory is purchased only ala carte. Setting the jobPostingAction to "refresh" will require available refresh inventory or else the job will fail to refresh.

In the job XML, Refresh is defined as an enumeration value of the attribute jobPostingAction of the JobPosting element, as shown below:  

When added, auto-refresh provides the ability for a job posting to be moved to the top of the job search results every "auto-refresh interval" days. Valid auto-refresh frequencies are: 7, 14, 30 or 60 days. Auto-refresh inventory exists only as an attribute for standard inventory. Setting the Auto-refresh to "true" will require available auto-refresh inventory for the selected frequency or else the job will fail to refresh.  


CAN (Career Ad Network)
When added, allows one to enhance Monster Job Posting with targeted advertising on the Monster network and its diverse partner websites. Monster's Career Ad Network will transform a job posting into a dynamic hiring ad and then strategically place that ad where qualified candidates spend their time online. When interested job seekers click on the ad, they'll be brought to the Monster Job Posting, where they can learn more about the job and easily apply online. Inventory is purchased ala carte for Monster postings only. It is not available on Diversity. Setting CAN on a job will require available CAN inventory or else the job will fail to post.  

Apply Methods
If you utilize Monster's candidate management capability, then by specifying Apply Online, the resume is saved on Monster and a copy is emailed to the job contact as set in the posting account's preferences. This is the default apply method. 

If candidates are managed within your own applicant tracking system, an integrated apply solution called Monster's Easy Apply can be used to specify delivery of an applicant's resume and profile information to your platform. 

 Go here for how to implement Monster's Easy Apply.

If circumstances prevent an integrated solution, a basic applicant redirect is available specified by the CustomApplyOnlineURL field.


Character sets and encoding
XML requests should be posted to BGW encoded in "UTF-8" (Unicode) characters set.

When text includes special characters in XML, including HTML markup characters, (ex. <li>One<li>) the text should be surrounded with the CDATA tag. If text uses XML/ HTML entities (ex. &gt; &lt; &amp;) then the CDATA tag should not be used.

More information about HTML Encoding can be found here:

Updating a job
Posting a request with jobAction="addOrUpdate" will update a pre-existing job with such a jobRefCode under the referred recruiter account.

An alternative way of updating a job posting is by using jobAction="update", but this is not recommended. In the case that a job does not already exist with this jobRefCode, it will return an error in the XML Response.

Deleting a job
There are two ways to delete a job position:

1. Set the job action attribute, in your request (the same XML format as for adding or updating) to delete
2. Post a Delete XML request with RefCode as the job identifier

Monster Delete Schema can be found here:


Updating a posting
Update the posting info on the request setup jobAction to "addOrUpdate" or "Update" and repost it.

Changing one of the key entities (Location/BoardName) on a posting will cause it to be deleted and to add a new posting, or update the existing posting if this combination key already exist under the position.

Deleting a posting
There are two ways to delete a single posting:

1. Omitting a posting from the job request with jobAction set to "addOrUpdate" or "Update" and reposting it will cause this position to be deleted.
2. Posting a delete XML request with postingId as the posting identifier.

Monster Delete Schema can be found here:


  • A Webservices Toolkit,, is available to validate the XML and post to the Monster's testing or demo board, id 178. It is recommended that this be done in the early stages of development until valid Monster XML can be created on a consistent basis.
  • The toolkit cannot be used to post live production jobs on a client's account. Clients need to use their application or a 3rd party tool like Postman.
  • Once XML is valid, test posting a job directly to Monster's Business Gateway (BGW) URL
  • Monster's BGW uses port 8443; this is not an industry standard port so in some cases it needs to be configured in your firewall. If issues are encountered, be advised that it is not necessary for clients to use port 8443 to exit their systems.
  • Test account that can be used to post directly to BGW is username: xrtpjobsx01 password: rtp987654

Test the following activities as part of Real Time Posting (RTP):
  1. Create the job XML with the job board set to the Monster demo job board (monsterId = 178).
  2. POST the job XML to This can be done via the toolkit, a 3rd party tool like the Fiddler or Advanced REST Client (ARC) in Chrome.
  3. Receive and view the response.
  4. Be able to parse the XML response and provide feedback to users on job posting status (success or failure).
  5. Ensure there's a process in place to fix and resubmit job postings.
  6. View the job posting and make adjustments in the XML request as necessary.
  7. Jobs can be viewed usually within an hour by using this URL, where xxxxxxxxx is the postingId from the XML response.
  8. View the job search results (job board 178 only) and make adjustments as necessary. This can be done by going to Note that job search indexing is typically done within 90 minutes.
  9. Apply to a job using Monster's Easy Apply
    a. Confirm Apply button is visible on job posting
    b. Apply to a job. 
    c. Confirm receipt of job seeker resume
  10. Repeat steps above and post jobs to the Diversity, CAN and VETERANS demo job boards.
  11. Note that viewing jobs is not applicable for the Diversity, CAN and VETERANS job boards.
  12. Perform an inventory query. Parse the results and provide inventory level information to users.

HTTPS response
For each request, the BGW will return an XML response that will contain information about the success or failure of the request.
Common Job Errors and Resolutions can be found here.


1. Ensure the correct job boards are being used. The job board Id's are located in the Job Board section of this guide.
2. Have your customers contact their Monster Representative for the following:
    a. Request their Real Time Posting credentials or update their existing account to support Real Time job Posting.
    c. Check their current job posting inventory types, durations, levels and purchase additional inventory if needed.
3. Contact the partnership team for other marketing ideas to drive client adoption here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a sample XML file?

Sample files can be found in the webservice toolkit at:

Where are Monster schemas, Web Service and WSDL's located?

Business Gateway schemas can be found at:
The Web Service can be found at:
The WSDL’s can be found at:

How soon can a new job posting or updates to an existing job be found in job search results?

Typically within 90 minutes.

Where can I find a list of valid Monster locations and other enumerations?

This information can be found at For other enumerations select other items from the Enumerations dropdown list in the tool. For enumeration in the schema definitions, go here:

Can I send a Real Time Posting in HTTP?

No. It must be in HTTPs.

Can I post to multiple job boards?

Yes. You have access to post to any boards associated with your company. The boards have restrictions and some function differently. Contact your Customer Service Representative for additional information.

Do I have to send a job posting in Monster's standard XML format?


Does the encoding of XML matter?

The encoding of the XML has to match the characters in the text fields otherwise the job will not be displayed properly.

What text must be included in CDATA sections?

Any text that includes invalid XML characters without HTML encoding.

What text should not be included in CDATA sections?

Any HTML encoded text.

How do I take down a job posting?

There are two ways to do this: 1) Enter a delete request through the Business Gateway. 2) If there are multiple postings within a job, leave out the posting you want to take down. Note that "Job Posting Action = Delete" does not work!

Why is the username and password in the wsse: Security header as opposed to the Monster header?

This is because the username and password elements are not in the same namespace. They use the namespace -

What do I need to do in order to get the recruiter contact information to show up in a job posting?

Place the job contact information within the Contact element, which is located under the Job Information element. See the following example: The type details can be found at: Once at this url, search for "HideableContactType". This is an extension of ContactType.

How to post to more than one Location/Job Board?

You need to have multiple JobPosting sections. See for an example ofthis.

Is there an option to post multiple jobs in one file?