Cloud Search

Unparalleled intelligence to find, assess, and manage talent

Cloud Search is the world's first semantic search platform built specifically for finding, ranking, and reporting on talent data that you already possess.  Through a variety of advanced applications, Cloud Search helps employers quickly and effortlessly search and analyze all their own talent data regardless of source.

Cloud Search leverages Monster's 6Sense® search technology on your data powered by our secure hosting services and the ability to integrate and import data from your ATS, Human Resources Information Systems, CRM systems and other data sources.

For partners, Monster enables you to deploy the Cloud Search services through a set of open APIs making it possible to leverage our industry leading technology delivered through the convenience of working in your application.

Search and Rank Resumes – embed the semantic search function and view results in your application.  Cloud Search offers unrivaled precision matching, scoring, and ranking, using 6Sense® search technology, so your customers can quickly find the most qualified candidates.
Analytics – Cloud Analytics provides valuable insights as to the effectiveness of your customers’ recruiting strategies

Integrating Cloud Search into your processes provides these benefits:
Improve recruiter efficiency - consolidate any and all of your customers’ talent databases in one place, and searching with 6Sense technology
Reduce recruiting costs - reduce the time and cost to search candidates for vacant positions
Reduce time to hire - find the right candidates faster, or create a pipeline of candidates with semantic search technology
Increase recruitment ROI - empower recruiters to effectively search your internal talent database first, including internal candidates
Increase candidate quality - leverage 6Sense® search technology to effectively identify candidate with the most relevant skills and experience

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