Apply with Monster Plugin

Get more job response on your career site by simplifying the application process 

Applying for jobs can be as easy as a few clicks.

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Applying for jobs can be as easy as a few clicks.

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The concept is simple.  If it were only easier to apply to a job, more job seekers would complete the application.  More applicants means more candidates and more hires.

Seekers entrust Monster with their resumes to present themselves to potential employers and to apply to jobs on Monster. Now they can use these resumes and apply to jobs anywhere.  By adding Apply with Monster to your site, your platform can benefit from the power of Monster's audience reach.

This feature can be easily set up and is available at no cost. 

A solution for mobile seekers  

Apply with Monster provides an optimized user experience for seekers viewing your jobs on mobile devices or desktop computers.  No matter where seekers are, what device they are using, when they see your job, they can easily apply using Apply with Monster.


How to implement the Apply With Monster Button

When properly configured on jobs hosted on your website, the Apply with Monster button looks like this:


The behavior of the Apply with Monster plugin and how it interacts with your site is controlled via a set of configuration parameters which fall into these basic categories:


  • Basic attributes of the job, namely the job title, company name, and job location. These are echoed in the Apply with Monster pages to present a consistent user experience.
  • How the application data is to be communicated, including the delivery method, data format, and additional configuration parameters specific to the delivery method.
  • Information and event triggers passed through and received from Apply with Monster to facilitate a well-integrated and seamless user experience.

Configuration parameters

Parameter Conditions Description
data-api-key Required API key
data-companyname Required, max 255 chars Name of the hiring company
data-jobtitle Required, max 255 chars Title of the job
data-joblocation Required, max 20 chars Postal code of the location of the job.  In locales where a postal code is not used (e.g., IE), the actual name of the location is used here, (e.g., “Dublin”).
data-jobrefcode Optional, max 50 chars Reference code to identify this job.  Not consumed by Apply with Monster; if specified, the job ref code is simply returned with the applicant data record.   Useful for correlating received applicant information with a job.
data-accountkey Optional, 40 chars SHA1 hash of the Monster employer account username
data-deliverymethod Required; values “POST2”, “EMAIL”, “REQUEST2” Method for obtaining applicant information
data-deliveryformat Optional; values “JSON” or “XML”; defaults to “JSON” Data document format 
data-posturl Required if data-deliverymethod = "POST2"; otherwise ignored REST service where applicant information is to be POSTed
data-emailaddress Required if data-deliverymethod = “EMAIL”; otherwise ignored Email destination where applicant information is to be sent
data-onclick Optional JavaScript function to be called when the user has clicked on the Apply with Monster button. See section JavaScript callbacks for more info.
data-onsuccess Required if data-deliverymethod = "REQUEST2; otherwise optional JavaScript function to be called when the user has successfully submitted their Monster information for the job. See section JavaScript callbacks for more info.
data-oncontinue Optional JavaScript function to be called when the user closes the Apply with Monster modal. See section JavaScript callbacks for more info.
data-vendorfield Optional General purpose field for vendor data.  Not consumed by Apply with Monster; if specified, the vendor field is simply returned with the applicant data record.   Useful for specifying metadata.
data-isConfirmationDisabled Optional; values "0" (default) or "1" If set, disables the display of a submission acknowledgement message to the seeker. Sometimes desirable if there are additional mandatory interview questions to be completed.
data-additionalresumeformats Optional; value "TXT"  If set, the resume will also be delivered in plain text format.
src Required Apply with Monster application URL.  URL will vary depending on desired localization.  See section Localizing the Apply with Monster user experience.

An example of invoking Apply with Monster within a web page

Script like the example below must be present on a page where Apply With Monster is to be presented.  Only the fields required for your particular configuration need be specified.

<div id="awm_widget"></div>
<script id="awm" type="text/javascript"
       data-companyname="519 Software, LLC"
       data-jobtitle="Senior Software Engineer"

Sometimes, it is desirable to display multiple Apply with Monster buttons with a job description, if for example, the job description is lengthy. Up to three Apply with Monster buttons can be displayed with the additional scripting:
<div id="awm_widget_2"></div>
<div id="awm_widget_3"></div>

Take Note!

The Apply with Monster button will only be displayed if a valid configuration is specified, e.g, if data-deliverymethod is "POST2" but data-posturl is not provided, the Apply with Monster button will not display.

Apply with Monster utilizes the jQuery JavaScript library and dynamically loads jQuery if version 1.7 or greater is not detected. jQuery.noConflict enabled to protect clients' existing scripts.


Customizing the visual appearance

Localizing the Language

For the best user experience, the right localized content must be presented to the job seeker.  The language localization of Apply with Monster text copy is configured by specifying the desired locale as part of the src configuration parameter. The src value takes the format:


The {locale} specification is a concatenation of ISO language and country codes, a convention used at many sites. For example, to display content in US English, the src value would be:


The following localizations are currently supported:


Country Language Locale
Australia English en_AU
Australia German de_AT
Belgium Dutch nl_BE
English en_BE
French fr_BE
Canada English en_CA
French fr_CA
Czech Republic Czech cs_CZ
Denmark Danish da_DK
Finland Finnish fi_FI
France French fr_FR
Germany German de_DE
Hungary Hungarian hu_HU
Ireland English en_IE
Italy Italian it_IT
Country Language Locale
Luxembourg English en_LU
French fr_LU
German de_LU
Netherlands Dutch nl_NL
Norway Norweigan no_NO
Poland Polish pl_PL
Spain Spanish es_ES
Sweden Swedish sv_SE
Switzerland French fr_CH
German de_CH
United Kingdom English en_GB
United States English en_US

Take Note!

For pre-existing integrations, a src value of "//" is also supported and equivalent to "//".

Choosing an alternative button presentation

By default, the Apply with Monster button appears as in the previous example, localized accordingly. Alternative button styles are also available, specified by an optional parameter on the src value, e.g.,

sv parameter value style
{not specified} or 0 standard button
1 smaller button
2 standard size, complementary palette
3 smaller size, complementary palette

1.5    Correlating apply activity to jobs also posted on Monster

Increasingly, employers are demanding greater insight into the sourcing of applicants. For Monster customers, all Apply with Monster apply activity at the customer's career site can be tracked by the Monster employer account to get a total accounting of performance for jobs.  This is inclusive of jobs cross-posted to Monster, as well as jobs not cross-posted to Monster but receiving the Apply with Monster benefit.  To enable tracking, the Monster account username is identified within the configuration settings. The optional data-accountkey parameter is used to specify the Monster employer account username by its SHA1 hash value. For example, a user account named "myaccount" is represented as:

When data-accountkey is specified, data-jobrefcode is referenced to determine if this job is also posted on Monster for attribution purposes.

Take Note!

If a job was also posted to Monster, data-jobrefcode should match the jobRefCode value specified during the Real Time Posting action.


1.6    JavaScript callbacks

The originating page from where the Apply with Monster plugin resides can react to specific Apply with Monster event conditions by utilizing JavaScript callbacks. Optional configuration parameters define JavaScript callback functions mapped to those events. Utilizing the JavaScript callbacks can be useful for gaining awareness for a range of purposes such as tracking click activity and continuing on to additional steps.

Configuration Parameter Triggered when the user… Event data example
data-onclick clicks on the Apply with Monster button {"event":"click", "job":{"companyName":"ABC Consulting", "jobTitle":" Analyst", "jobLocation":"01754", "jobRefCode":"jr123", "vendorField":"mymetadata"}}
data-oncontinue closes the Apply with Monster modal {"apply":{"success":true}, "event":"continue", "job":{"companyName":" ABC Consulting", "jobTitle":"Analyst", "jobLocation":"01754", "jobRefCode":"jr123", "vendorField":"mymetadata"}}
data-onsuccess ("POST2", "EMAIL" delivery methods) presses "SUBMIT NOW" {"event":"success", "job":{"companyName":"ABC Consulting", "jobTitle":"Analyst", "jobLocation":"01754", "jobRefCode":"jr123", "vendorField":"mymetadata"}}
data-onsuccess ("REQUEST2"delivery method) presses "SUBMIT NOW" {"req":{"requestUrl":""}, "event":"success", "job":{"companyName":"RequestTest", "jobTitle":"Tester", "jobLocation":"02142", "jobRefCode":"Sean123"}}
The callbacks each return an object that includes event name and job configuration attributes. In addition, the continue event also includes the success state which is only true if the modal was closed after a user presses "SUBMIT NOW".

When data-deliverymethod is "REQUEST2", data-onsuccess is also required to be specified. Details of this usage are provided above, Obtaining applicant information via HTTP GET.

For more information about the delivery go here.