Integrated delivery of Recommended Resumes

Recommended Resumes are potential candidates for your job posting identified from the Monster resume database.  Recommended Resume processing utilizes our 6Sense semantic search matching technology to find top candidates based on the requirements specified in your job requisition.

When jobs are posted to Monster via Real Time Posting, they can be configured to specify automatic delivery of Recommended Resumes directly to your platform.  Integrated delivery of Recommended Resumes closely resembles the processing of candidates via Apply with Monster, with one very important distinction - Recommended Resumes are potential candidates; they have not actively applied to the the job requisition.
To enable integrated delivery of Recommended Resumes, a minimal set of configuration parameters that define how the Recommended Resumes are to be delivered are added to your Real Time Posting (RTP) implementation.

Example RecommendedResumes element within an RTP job specification

	<DeliveryMethod monsterId="1">
	<DeliveryFormat monsterId="2">
The set of Recommended Resume configurations parameters must include all the required fields necessary per your particular configuration.   For example, if the DeliveryMethod is to be POST, a PostURL is required. The PostURL would also need to be a valid registered domain for the referenced ApiKey.

Take Note!

EmailAddress and PostURL in the RTP schema do not support the optional Base64 encoding of data-emailaddress and data-posturl, respectively.

Processing of Recommended Resume records is almost identical to that of processing candidates via Apply with Monster. Unlike Apply with Monster, a Recommended Resume record does not include the CoverLetter and VendorField.

Take Note!

Be sure to specify appropriate attribution of the candidate source to Monster for candidates sourced via Recommended Resumes integrated delivery.