Apply with Monster Quick Setup Guide

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to start receiving candidates by email

Who this Quick Setup guide is for

Apply with Monster is a highly flexible integration designed to meet a myriad of partner business needs.  But in its simplest form, Apply with Monster is a simple widget that can be easily added to a web page.  If you have the ability to modify your career site's web page design and can accept emailed applicants, this solution can work for you.  

If your business needs require a more sophisticated solution, see the complete Apply with Monster Development Guide to learn about additional capabilities. More advanced needs might include accepting candidates to be able to automatically insert records into an Applicant Tracking System, adding Apply with Monster as one step of a greater application workflow, or leveraging Apply with Monster's integrated delivery capability for Monster job postings.

Step 1 - Register for API keys

Apply with Monster requires an API key to execute; candidates are only emailed to a registered email domain.  Contact and make sure to include your domain to obtain your API key.

Step 2 - Add JavaScript to your career site

Only a few lines JavaScript are needed to make the Apply with Monster button appear.  Here is an example using the mimimum required fields.
<div id="awm_widget"></div>
<script id="awm" type="text/javascript"
       data-companyname="519 Software, LLC"
       data-jobtitle="Senior Software Engineer"
Be sure to check out the full Apply with Monster Development Guide for a full description of additional features, including support for other languages and other ways to more closely integrate the button to your career site.

When properly configured, the Apply with Monster button looks like this:



Take Note!

The Apply with Monster button will only be displayed if all the required fields (shown in the example) and a valid email address are specified.


Step 3 - Start receiving candidates

Now that you've added Apply with Monster to your career site, you've made that much easier for the millions of job seekers with a Monster account to apply to your jobs.  Below is a sample email that you'll receive.  The candidates resume will be attached.

Sample candidate email 

Apply with monster notification