Why use Apply with Monster? To optimize apply completion rates!

The first gate on the way to successfully filling a job posting is the acquisition of candidates. Yet, career sites often find that a significant percentage of job applications started fail to be completed. Many factors may contribute to an unsatisfactory applicant volume; quite often, it is simply due to challenges in the applicant's user experience.  The lengthier or more complex an application, the greater the likelihood that a prospective applicant will fail to see it through to completion. Compounding this, an increasing percentage of job seekers are using mobile devices as part of their job search - data entry to complete a form can be very difficult from a mobile device. Apply with Monster helps solve these issues by letting job seekers easily utilize their Monster resumes to simplify the apply process.

Beyond the resume and contact information, does your process require additional information?  Does it need to be acquired as part of the initial barrier for entry, or could it be obtained later, after initial acquisition of the candidate? Consider for example, if the minimal information required to accept a candidate into your system could be the data obtained via Apply with Monster alone - this level of optimization would provide the highest applicant conversion rate and yield possible. This degree of streamlining may not be suitable for all cases, but should be considered as a design goal when developing a solution to achieve optimal results for your business.

Use Apply with Monster on the jobs you post to Monster!

Jobs that are posted to Monster can be configured to deliver applicant information to your applicant tracking solution using Apply with Monster. You can also set up a simple widget on your career site displaying the button for seekers and delivering applicant information in the same manner.

Which data delivery method should I use?

Delivery methods of POST and REQUEST both send applicant information to your applicant tracking solution. For an applicant flow that requires the completion of additional interview questions, delivery method of REQUEST is used. Apply with Monster can be set up to email applicant information in a case for only a basic implementation. 

Which data format can I use?

Monster supports both JSON and XML data format for the applicant records.


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