Apply with Monster Plugin

Get more job response on your career site by simplifying the application process 


Applying for jobs can be as easy as a few clicks.

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Applying for jobs can be as easy as a few clicks.

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The concept is simple.  If it were only easier to apply to a job, more job seekers would complete the application.  More applicants means more candidates and more hires.

Seekers entrust Monster with their resumes to present themselves to potential employers and to apply to jobs on Monster. Now they can use these resumes and apply to jobs anywhere.  By adding Apply with Monster to your site, your platform can benefit from the power of Monster's audience reach.

This feature can be easily set up and is available at no cost.


A solution for mobile seekers



Apply with Monster provides an optimized user experience for seekers viewing your jobs on mobile devices or desktop computers.  No matter where seekers are, what device they are using, when they see your job, they can easily apply using Apply with Monster.


A highly flexible and easy integration

Apply with Monster is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of your workflow.  Candidate information is delivered to your platform in the way you want it.

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HR Managers: Does your ATS already support Apply with Monster?

If your company uses an Applicant Tracking System, Apply with Monster may already be enabled or available to enable.  Contact your ATS provider and request Apply with Monster support for your ATS platform today.

If your enterprise does not utilize an ATS provider or has a proprietary solution, a simple direct Apply with Monster integration can be an easy solution.