Get more job response by simplifying the application process 

If it were only easier to apply...

Job seekers have spoken - the main impediment to applying to a job is... wait for it... how hard it is to apply to the job.  This isn't rocket science - if it were only easier to apply to a job, more job seekers would complete the application.  More candidates means more hires.

A workflow where a prospective applicant is sent off to a career site to complete an apply form is startlingly inefficient.  Seekers drop off these types of workflows for many reasons - a career site's application form may be too lengthy, or it may be exceedingly difficult to apply to from a mobile device.  In a world where people have learned to be wary of phishing, being redirected to an unrecognized ATS web domain is enough to scare away potential applicants.

If your company uses an Applicant Tracking System, Monster's Apply may already be enabled or available to enable.  Contact your ATS provider and request Monster's Apply integration support for your ATS platform today.

If your enterprise does not utilize an ATS provider or has a proprietary solution, a simple direct Apply with Monster integration can be an easy solution. Click here for more information.